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The mind of a Ninja- Finding that magic pill

I often sit and watch the Ninja Warriors and experience that show on so many levels. At face value you see amazing athletes performing what in most of our minds is impossible. Then you hear their stories. Each one had a struggle bigger than the next and their courage, commitment and perseverance takes them through.

Then what we don’t see, but I can’t help but be amazed by, is what is in their head that is so unique that these obstacles are not stifling. I wish I could interview each and every one of them and find out their magic solution.

I am someone who wakes up wondering what they have and I don’t have. I succeed and slip, I fly and fall, I start and stop and I persevere. Sometimes I put shackles on myself when I am overly critical and sometimes I free myself with realism and compassion. My inner voice now believes that greatness is possible- but sometimes its old inner voice friends try to challenge this voice by saying that I am not good enough. I am grateful today for the shift in power because those thoughts can be very convincing at times.

So when I get stuck and hit another wall or obstacle sometimes it makes me wish I had a magic pill that I could just swallow three times a day and make this challenge of weight loss, health and strength be gone and then this hit me…I do have that pill. I have that pill and you have that pill. You can take it every day, and the dosage is unlimited. I must warn you however, that when you take it the side effects can be difficult. Some of them include: fear, doubt, shame, discomfort, feeling left out, feeling different, feeling isolated, feeling challenged, feeling free, feeling powerful, feeling successful, feeling unstoppable and being healthy. Some are clearly better than others but sometimes even the good ones can seem scary.

Ok so here it is! The moment of truth! The magic we all have and crave comes in 3 words. I believe that the Ninjas take these words as truth every day and several times a day as needed…..READY???

Say this at least once a day and many more if needed. When/If you get negative side effects take extra. If you find that you run out of these words please contact your doctor or therapist to get a refill. Yes I can, Yes I can, yes I can, yes I can, yes I can. There- I just made you take it because when you say it (through reading) your mind hears it. So even if you do not believe it, your mind cannot differentiate that from your feelings, it has to respond. So fake it till you make it and feel free to act on any of the effects that make you want to be the best you that you can be for today.