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Let us Work Together in Matching Your Mind to Your Bariatric Journey

Identifying, challenging, reworking your habits one thought at a time.

Bariatric Evaluations

  • Comprehensive evaluation and report- 90 minutes.
  • Assist to identify areas where more focus could be beneficial.
  • Personalized to your specific needs.
  • Resources and referrals provided as needed.

Solution Focused Therapy

  • Comprehensive Assessment- Pre-op, post-op, revision, regain.
  • Treatment Planning.
  • We will identify historic thoughts that keep you stuck.
  • We will create skills that allow you to re-work how you approach this process.
  • Therapy will be delivered over 12-week intervals.

Map my Journey

  • Comprehensive assessment for pre-op, post op, revision, regain.
  • Create a comprehensive and clear strategy.
  • Receive online resources, books or linkages specific to your unique needs.

Thinking you just need a little more willpower?

I know I have said that a million times myself:

Learn how to work smarter not harder. Kindness is not a free pass for excuses, it is a necessary tool so that your brain knows that you have everything that you need to be the best possible you. Critical feedback will keep you stuck not motivate you.