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Bariatric Evaluations

Will be happy to provide a superbill to submit to insurance as an out of network provider.

Many people wonder why they need a psychological evaluation before undergoing a Bariatric Surgery. It may not see obvious. Typically, patients that experience weight regain have not really considered how emotions and thoughts play a role. There is such an unconscious component to habits and thoughts that is very historic. When you get this done, even if you choose not to go through me, pick someone that truly understands the mind of someone that has been on diets on and off most of their life. This evaluation can set you up for success if you use a person that gets it. You may not have a clinical diagnosis or you may. What is important is the role that these things play in your life. You do not need to have it all together to get through this part of the work up- you may be surprised if you actually open up and use it to your advantage.

Solution Focused Therapy

Will work with out of network insurances-Will do electronic billing for you.

We will do a comprehensive intake that looks at your history related to weight loss and other areas of your life. We will be able to identify your strengths and areas that can benefit from them. We will break down your circumstances into clear areas of focus. Once that is accomplished we will set small realistic goals to start with and while working through them together we will tackle the obstacles. At times we will be able to find context or “the why” for these obstacles which will also expand your perception and clarity. We will work in 12 week intervals. Depending on needs we can do additional weeks as needed and wanted.

Map my Journey

Will be happy to provide a superbill to submit to insurance as an out of network provider.

Do your thoughts swirl in your head saying things like, I will do this, no I will do that or maybe I should try therapy or I just need a clear plan. Maybe things have been smooth sailing and you want to level up and just can’t get clear how to do so. If that is you- this is ideal. You tell me your story through an online questionnaire and a 90- minute discussion and I take 30 years of learning, tease through what is not obvious to the noise that can go on in your head and together we break it down. I will provide you with written feedback highlighting areas that you could consider, things that may be blocking you and some resources that could help you to navigate these things independently. If you transition into a solution focused client for 12 weeks- you will receive a discount on your first session of $100.