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Permission- What would you like to have in your life if you were free to have it?- From the mind of a Thera-Patient


Our mind is full of beliefs that we ourselves have created, inherited or learned in the book of life. You know which ones I mean- the ones that are the right way of doing things or the ones that we expect others to just know and adhere to. These are the beliefs that we find creative ways to explain to others so they too can know the right way that things should get done. Are you laughing yet?

When I feel humble I laugh at all the should s and ought to’s and have to’s that I tell myself every day. When I am feeling critical it is these beliefs that keep me paralyzed from the possibility of another way. These beliefs can limit us from loving ourselves, our unique qualities and prevent us from joy in this world that is only available if you are willing to risk being the one and only you. You know, the you that is free from the judgement that you are not living up to the shoulds and the coulds and the ought to’s.

Beliefs are habits that are repetitiously played out. Do you need permission to do things differently? Do you need permission to be yourself when you are doing things different from what others do? Do you need permission to fail? Do you need permission to succeed? Do you need permission not to know the answer sometimes? Do you need permission to slow down? Do you need permission to eat chocolate without guilt? Do you need permission to not give a shit about something even if everyone else does? What should you be doing right now? Can you be average today and not overachieve even if the capability is there? Do you need permission to be in a bad mood without an excuse? Do you need permission to bow out from the team and honor your individual needs? I could go on forever about what we feel we need permission for because we should be doing, thinking and feeling something else.

Permission comes from within. Permission grows simultaneous to improving self-worth. The more freedom you have to be what you want, will likely make you more willing to be the should you think you ought to be. Trapped by critique or on a platform of acceptance? What do you choose for yourself? Truly something to think about.