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Rock Climbing Through a Life-Long Journey of Overeating and Being Overweight

“Rock climbing through a life long battle of obesity”- From the perspective of a thera-patient…

I have been rock climbing my journey of obesity for 40+ years always looking for the next platform to push me forward. For me, staying in the game is always doing something for better health and never quitting. That does not mean that sometimes my food isn’t less clean than I want it, sometimes I don’t want to exercise, sometimes I do not want to find peace with my feelings and sometimes I just don’t do what I know really works. I am grateful that I have never let all of my “I don’t want too’s” harmonize all at once. As a therapist, I know this is a perfectly imperfect journey and it is not linear. I am grateful that I always do something towards my goal of good health- no matter what. I have been hard core with my exercise and keeping balance with my emotional journey for a many years now. The scale however has no always been kind or matched my effort. I know that acceptance of this truism remains an area of resistance for me and for many alike. Truthfully my acceptance in that arena is perfectly imperfect lol. So I am writing this today to find acceptance in what my body now accepts as an appropriate intake and to continue working on this even with a very slow return on my efforts. Shame in this arena is so intense for so many and we believe we are alone in our thoughts, feelings and actions. When we feel different and alone we put ourselves at risk to respond with our default action and that is to overeat. I am hoping that these shares help to minimize shame and bring forth healing and acceptance for all that are afflicted.