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To Achieve Perfection is to Achieve Nothing….It does not exist

To Achieve Perfection is to Achieve Nothing because it does not exist. “I will be happy when….” This is the statement that leaves us in the place of I am never enough and I am exhausted trying. Happiness comes in small steps. I once believed being thin would make me the happiest girl on the planet. I got thin and found myself still seeking my power and pleasure. I gained weight and was not happy again and dreamed that I could be happy if I just lost this weight again. I did and I could not find my happiness. The clothes were not fitting right, the attention was not as I dreamed, opportunities were not what I thought there was stress. I continued to measure up against others and fall short. I had hanging skin, I still had triggers, I still felt insecure and felt that “others” expected more from me. The circular belief that thin makes us happy is nothing more than chasing the holly grail of perfection. We are capable of being happy when we allow out thoughts to be congruent with realistic goals, realistic events, small successes, in the moment living. Happiness is not external. When we get a hold on our beliefs we get some control on our feelings.