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Weekend Warrior

How many times does Monday come and we are all getting back on track? Weekdays have structure, eating is in control and then we are free… TGIF right….It is amazing what two days off track can look like on the scale. Whether you have reached an age that shows no forgiveness or your metabolism is shot from years of dieting, or even if you do not have a weight issue at all; The weekend warrior syndrome can be the number one reason that we plateau or stay stuck on a hamster wheel.

Emotionally/Cognitively we can feel/believe that we just can’t be normal and it is not fair. We can end up feeling left out or different than others feeling like we don’t get the same freedoms. I have felt this way for many years of my life and the anger allowed me to say F#$% it on more than one occasion.

Now that I understand that feelings are not facts and that when I use feelings as a guide for my truths I am often misinformed. I can look at this with different eyes. Letting go of shame and understanding that not being able to be perfect has shed some reality to this myth. Normal is not eating whatever you desire on the weekends. I know many people who do not have a weight issue and have a good metabolism and they too go up a couple of pounds on Monday if they eat and drink anything that they want.

Of course the simple answer is balance but for many that is not so simple and truly subjective and emotionally charged. Is this an issue for others? Got any tricks that you want to share? Feel free and have a healthy happy weekend.